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Name: Cindy Bryant


CH. Afara Warhorse


breeder(s):  Paul Chen

Located on the Island of Kauai, Cinberlin Kennels is the most premier Hawaii Corgi Breeder.

As a fellow Corgi enthusiast you are welcome to browse the website and get to know what Cinberlin Kennels is all about.

Each one of our dogs is considered to be a “family member.” We breed for type and soundness in mind and body. Each dog is carefully selected and every litter is carefully planned. At Cinberlin Kennels we are dedicated to perpetuating the Corgi breed in its finest form.

Cinberlin Corgis have earned multiple Best-in-Show wins, jobs as highly trained service dogs and positions as very loyal family companions. Here at Cinberlin Kennels we believe that every dog is unique and has a very unique purpose. Should you agree with our ethos and feel that you need a Corgi to bring happiness in your life please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for viewing my webpage and please email me if you have any questions about our Corgis!

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